How To Watch Sports Live Streaming Using TOTALSPORTEK Online ?

Totalsportek is probably the best and bthe biggest free streaming resource for major sports competition. They cover almost every major sport and matches throughout the year. The site has been around since 2018 and it has gotten better and more popular every year.

On this page we explain how you can use to watch your favourite sports events throughout the year. From football's major leagues in europe to cup competitions like Champions League, World Cup etc are all covered.

How to use to watch free streams ?

The homepage of serves as your resource to find all the matches of all sports played on the day. All sports event are categorized accordingly and matches are listed in each category according to time. For example you want to watch Manchester United vs Liverpool live streaming ?. What you have to do ?.

1). Go to the homepage at

2). Once homepage is opened, scroll down to the premier league section. In the premier league section all matches played on the day are listed according to time. Man United vs Liverpool will be listed with a link button beside it.

3). Click the Link button next to United vs Liverpool and it will take you to the dedicated United vs Liverpool page.

4). Live streaming links appear on the dedicated match page around 1 hour before the kickoff. So if you are before the time you wont find any links. But exactly one hour before kickoff links with thread is opened and you can access around 70 to 100 working links for each match.

How live streaming links are choosen to be listed on totalsportek ?

1). All top rated streamers have their own dedicated accounts on totalsportek.

2). they post links for each of the game they are covering..

3). each streamer is known by their nick name. for example BrawlStarsFC is one of the most reputed and popular one. His links are rated higher because of the consistency and stability of his streamers.

4). all streamers are ranked according to how people rate them. rating system is available next to each link

So the system is simple yet amazing to say the last. Basically one you are at home page you are just 1 click away from finding the links